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Native Tastes is routinely audited by the following accrediting authorities to ensure that its quality systems are benchmarked in accordance with best practice.

Organic farming and organic processes are about working with natural inputs and as little as possible of anything that will cause adverse environmental impact. A key principle in organic production systems is to direct farming activity at improving the soil humus content so that plants and animals are being provided with an abundance of naturally occurring nutrients rather than water soluble elements. Native Tastes has a basic management plan that identifies how we operate in the above way; supported by records that show what we actually achieved.

  OFC is nationally audited and accredited under the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service   (AQIS) Organic and Bio-dynamic Program.  AQIS accreditation is a legal requirement for all   organic product exported from Australia. In the absence of domestic regulation, AQIS accreditation also serves as the 'de facto' benchmark for certified product sold on the domestic market.

OFC’s Quality Management systems are operated in accordance with this program, and the NASAA Standards are developed in line with the AQIS administered National Standard.

For more information in relation to the Organic and Bio-dynamic Program,
visit the AQIS website.